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Jacinto Marabel Romo  is a self-taught landscape and cityscape photographer. Driven by his passion for photography he tries to show the beauty of natural and urban landscapes he encounters and to share his vision recreating the grandeur of these landscapes.

Being passionate about photography, he combines his career in the financial industry, as an equity derivatives trader, with his interest in photography. In terms of finance he is deeply involved in quantitative modeling. In this sense, he has a PhD. in Economics and Finance and he has published widely in leading academic international journals in finance.

It could be said that Jacinto shows a general interest in beauty whether represented in landscapes or represented in a mathematical equation. In a certain sense, this analytical version of his life is transmitted in his photography seeking a constant harmony within the images.

 Jacinto practices several photographic disciplines. Namely: landscape photography, including long exposure shots with filters, astrophotography or infrared photography.